Leadership and Influence

Yes. Good content, not too heavy. Thought provoking. The group of attendees contributed to my experience in this course it was really good to have an exchange with peers and other colleagues on challenges of leadership.

Leadership and Influence

Yes, this course will provide the pathway to build one's confidence to lead and influence, make decisions at the workplace or at home or outside settings.

Business Writing

Course is recommended for technical people moving into management roles who will be using business writing daily. Also recommend it for personal assistants who deal with their managers business emails and letters. A good overview of the difference in proposal, RFPs, business case and business summaries. Good multiple choice questions included to revise topics.

Leadership and Influence

Yes, soft skills are equally important to complement technical skills.

Risk assessment and management

Yes, i recommend this course. It provides fundamental concepts on Risk Management to employees to shape organizational culture

Introduction to Project Management

Yes, I would highly recommend anyone with a project management background to attend this course. Mark is very knowledgeable in the area of Project management. Understanding the 10 knowledge areas of PM is very important. One can gain a holistic view of what a project manager does, how a project is managed. With the understanding of the 10 knowledge areas one can easily start a self learning program to further develop his or her knowledge in project management.

Communication Strategies

Yes, good course to improve perspectives on effective communication. Insightful and thought provoking on how we can improve communication.

Time Management

I would definitely recommend to others. The course breaks down time management down to different elements that can be improve one's overall time management skills. Has practical applications in the workplace.

Presentation skills

Yes, a highly interactive course worth of recommendation. It lays down the ground rules, presents the structure and directions to constructing a really sound presentation, in PowerPoint especially. Also provides guidance/tips to delivering presentations with confidence and sound positive /gestures - and body language.