05 Mar

As a first time blogger, I am strangely excited about the whole process. I guess my first question is why, what do I hope to achieve from this. I paused here for a few hours, some thinking time because while I thought I knew, it turned out to be some less obvious thoughts come to light.

The list supporting my why turned out to be long, although there was definitely some synonyms included there. With some reflection I decided not to share the list, rather I thought it best to condense the list into one descriptive statement. So here it is...

Maybe my thoughts will fuel consideration.

I definitely don't want to guide or provide, as I am not that full of myself but it would be really cool if one day I was to inspire some action based on a seed planted here.

Anyhow, I can imagine that my blogs will orient towards my experiences, both good and bad. I don't expect that they will appeal to everyone and that is ok. That said, I have a little experience in Project Management, Learning Management and Workplace Health and Safety. Together or individually, these are very broad subjects so maybe there will be an audience for it.

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