Skilled and certified Rig Electricians. Most with 7 years of experience or more in maintaining and troubleshooting electrical systems on rigs and heavy equipment. Maintaining technical expertise in electrical repairs and installations to ensure optimal operations and safety.

QHSE Officer

The QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) officer in the Oil and Gas industry in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is integral to maintaining safe, efficient, and compliant operations. With an emphasis on quality, their experience and approach to ensuring compliance onsite positions these people as critical to operational success.


A Rig Mechanic in the Oil and Gas industry in Papua New Guinea (PNG) plays a crucial role in maintaining the operational readiness and safety of drilling rigs. Their work involves servicing, repairing, and maintaining various mechanical components and systems.

Crane Operator

Responsible for operating cranes and taking care of its maintenance and functionalities, the responsibilities of our experienced crane operators include - operating various types of crane, driving cranes to on-site, and setting up the crane operations as per manufacturers operation manual, directing activities to support operational requirements, operating crane as per signals, performing routine maintenance work of the crane, and taking charge of safety operations associated with lifting.


Skilled and certified Welders. Most with 5 years of experience or more in fabrication and repair. Maintain all welding and cutting equipment in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidance. Perform welding tasks in accordance with good welding practices and applicable codes to meet operational needs.

Forklift Operator

Responsible for operating forklifts and ensuring their proper maintenance and functionality, the responsibilities of our experienced forklift operators include - operating various types of forklifts, transporting goods on-site, and following operational guidelines outlined by the manufacturer, coordinating activities to meet operational needs, operating forklifts safely in response to signals, conducting routine maintenance on the forklift, and overseeing safety protocols related to lifting operations.

Logistic Coordinator

Skilled Logistic Coordinators assist with warehouse / inventory management expediting at the designated location in support of, and minimizing downtime for operations.


This generic role title provides an overarching grouping for employees that possess various level of technical skills and experiences.