26 Mar

We know that the purpose of training is to educate, but have you ever wondered if the students really get it?

It is not uncommon for trainers to stand at the front of the room and share insights, teaching points, titbits, and sometimes pure gold, only to see the room nodding in agreeance, and then to be absolutely surprised when they totally miss the point.

Usually, the trainer's “go to” is targeted questioning to confirm that the class understands. This is a one-shot weapon though and once fired, cannot be reused.

One example to maximise the value of a single question is to ask for examples that have been seen or witnessed by the trainees. For example:

What are the different types of questions that can be asked? One trainee may respond with Closed questions. Your response is provided to that trainee and then validated by the others in the room.

Very good, give me an example of a closed question “trainee name”. Listen and then evaluate the response. And another “trainee name”. Using this technique, you can work the room ensuring that all students participate.

Remember, if the people in the room do not understand what is being taught, then you might as well give them a book to read and let them draw their own conclusions.

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