26 Mar

As a Training manager providing a service, a great deal of attention is placed on the quality provided in our service delivery. 

RTOs have long had a requirement to continuously develop their educational staff, so they remain at the top of their game and fully equipped with the latest industry information. 

None do it better however than the military. Having had a lengthy military career myself, I always gravitate towards what has worked well and what has been proven. I guess that is normal, and it is not like I invented the approach. If it works, don’t change it. 

Naturally, I have woven the military approach into our instructional methodology, tailoring it to our unique needs. This is reinforced by our quality systems to continually measure our training performance using a tool that can be repeated to provide the minimum standard. 

I have seen this tool work and it creates a great platform from which to launch. 

I am happy to share the tool with you, just drop me a note in the “contact us” field and I will send you a copy. 

There is more to it though than just using the tool.

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